Business Opportunities for Indian CST Partners
Indian CST brings in Business Opportunities in the Governance Sector for - HR firms experienced in "Contract Staffing Services".
The scope of service will be sourcing, selection and deputation of Deputed Personnel and payroll management (salary, PF, ESI, Welfare etc).
To comply with provisions of all statutes ordinances, rules and regulations applicable to the business.
Take on their rolls 250 staff with a overall wage bill of Rs 15 Lakh per month.
Preferably - Have experience in contract staffing for any governmental organization.
Willing and equipped to start at short notice.
Interested HR firms can upload their (following) details on this site
Details of Profile experience etc ( 1 page max)
Quote for the above assignment ( Commercial terms)
Lead time required to start - in no of days.
Contact details of CEO / Head of Organization
Email Id
Contact No.
Message / Queries

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