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Akihiko Shinozaki, Ph.D  Kyushu University, JAPAN  14-03-2016 17:14:09
Dear Mr. Sri Kumar, I am writing this email to thank you for your kind and warm acceptance of our visit to your office in Bangalore. I came back to my office today without any trouble during my travel from Bangalore to Japan via Mumbai. We really had a wonderful discussion with your Founder Mr. Seevan and you as well as a couple of your staff members at Indian Center for Social Transformation. Your presentations and the following discussion were impressive and informative for our research, especially your public project management system that cloud computing enables citizen to participate in monitoring state services. Besides, we are also impressed by your close relations with public sectors to improve their skills via training programs you provide. It could be said that your projects make it possible for India to build and develop a society of higher transparency and edge-cutting efficiency than any other societies around the world. Actually, it was my first visit to India and I learned a lot about India's rich human resources in terms of variety as well as volume, who contribute to the development of digital economy. Anyway, thanks again and stay in touch with us. I look forward to seeing you soon again. -- Akihiko Shinozaki, Ph.D Professor, Faculty of Economics Kyushu University, JAPAN
Ashok Kumar Sharma Managing Director-Trubyte Solutions  Hyderabad  26-10-2014 08:32:05
Dear Raja Seevan, It seems your Indian CST GPMS cloud initiatives are best aligned with mission of current Prime Minster in Seat? You are one of the rare talent still having faith in Govt. Efficiency through IT and Public to monitor Govt Projects across India wonderful, keep pushing. Only such indomitable spirit can sustain. It is feather in your cap; I am thrilled. Congrats; I reiterate and salute your perseverance. Ashok Kumar Sharma Managing Director Hyderabad Operations Trubyte Solutions
Dr. A S Kolaskar Former Adviser National Knowledge Commission  USA  26-10-2014 08:21:15
Dear Mr.Raja Seevan, Wish you and your team a very Happy Diwali and Prosperous and very productive New Year. Thank you for sharing the wonderful work that Indian CST is carrying out to bring Transperancy in Indian Govt. functioning. You and the Indian CST team is doing wonderful job. I wish you all the best and hope your work will help India better at every level. Keep it up. Dr. A S Kolaskar Former Vice Chancellor University of Pune &KIIT University Former Adviser National Knowledge Commission Consultant, Internet2, USA Nashville TN
R. Ramamurthy Chairman, Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation  Chennai  26-10-2014 08:11:26
Mr. Raja Seevan, I know that you your team is doing some excellent work in the field of e-governance. I feel strongly that your service should be extended to our neighbouring states as well. Please do give me a ring when u r free so that we can discuss about it. Conveying to you and to your team, my best Deepavali Greetings, R. Ramamurthy Chairman, Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation
Shalu Mary  Kerala  26-10-2014 07:58:37
Raja Seevan Sir.... Jalaja Technologies experience with Geno-Cluster. This helped me to achieve, to publish this pure bioinformatics paper. When I presented this one, our space scientist Dr. Sivathana Pillai, appreciated the logical thinking of bioinformatics applications. I would still like to continue working there with you. I am not in in Bangalore now .I am here in my home at Kerala and would like contribute towards your Indian CST?s Initiative GPMS Healthcare Information Therapy for providing Affordable Healthcare from where ever I am located. Shalu Mary
Mr. Simanta Boruah  Assam, India.  21-10-2014 10:00:35
dear/Madam, what is the procedeor to get more information about CST.
kavya  USA  05-08-2014 10:54:27
Good morning Sir/Madam, I want to search for birth records prior to 1992. Can you please let me know if there is any web link to do the same? I m currently outside the country. Hence I cannot do it personally at BBMP office. Please reply to my id if possible Thanks
Greg Arnette, CTO at Newton,-San Francisco,  44 Montgomery Street 39th Floor San Francisco, CA 94104  21-04-2014 08:13:30
Cloud computing will transform healthcare. Cloud computing is still a relatively new force in computing, but it's already it is beginning to make big inroads in health IT as well. Greg Arnette, CTO at Newton, Mass.-based Sonian, which also develops cloud-based technologies
BBMP Commissioner-Shir. M Lakshminarayana   Bangalore  09-04-2014 17:16:46
The GPMS application was developed by the Indian Centre for Social Transformation (Indian CST), a public charitable trust, in 2009.?It was the first-of-its kind initiative in the country. The GPMS also has a facility through which the public can access information related to ward-wise projects, cost estimates and other aspects. The BBMP?s registered contractors too can update the details of the projects online, but are not doing so. Now steps would be taken to create awareness among the Palike officials and the public on using the GPMS system. BBMP Commissioner ? Shri. Sri LAKSHMI NARAYANA, IAS
Dr. Ehrlich Desa -Program Coordinator, CSIR-800 and Former Intergovernmental Oceanographic Council of the UNESCO.   India  01-04-2014 09:08:06
Dear Raja, Firstly, our very best wishes for an excellent year ahead. I sincerely hope that 2014 will be better than 2013 for all of us. CSIR-800 obtained approval for its program from the Planning Commission (16 Dec 2013), and now we await the release of funds. Secondly, ?Project? Nirmala is an excellent initiative that is needed. Additionally if in difficult cases a patient can receive a consensus consultation from more than one expert, I believe you would have hit the sweet spot. Perhaps the initiative can be launched like any ad-campaign. This would require high quality text and images. My fingers cannot resist from suggesting.... Project Nirmala: Social media for socially-conscious doctors. Join today and live your Hippocratic oath. Once again warm regards, and here is hoping for a great 2014. Dr. Ehrlich Desa -Program Coordinator, CSIR-800 and Former Intergovernmental Oceanographic Council of the UNESCO.
Deepak Bhatia -leads e-Government applications in the ICT practice of the World Bank.  USA  28-03-2014 09:33:31
Thank you to you and the team for the very impressive briefing you provided on the projects your organization has done. Deepak Bhatia - leads e-Government applications in the ICT practice of the World Bank.
Hillary Rodham Clinton - Former Secretary of State and Former U.S. Senator from New York  USA  28-03-2014 09:26:00
India has been putting in place all the frame work necessary to align the internal mechanisms in line with requirements of UNCAC. This is considered a valuable tool in fighting tax evasion- Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former Secretary of State and Former U.S. Senator from New York
Dr. Richard Feldmann-Gengineer & President at Global Determinants, Inc  San Francisco Bay Area USA  27-03-2014 09:01:19
Dear Raja Seevan, I am very impressed with the vision for India that you have and the progress that you have been able to make! I went to the NIH in 1967 to effect the connection between computers and medical problems. I spent 25 years thinking about the nature and structure of proteins and nucleic acids. I retired in 1996 and since then I have been thinking about genomes. In 1999 I discovered four-sequence relationships called Connectrons that we think control the expression of Gene-Coding and Non-Coding elements in all genomes. Dr. Richard Feldmann-Gengineer & President at Global Determinants, Inc. and former Computer Specialist National Institutes of Health-Washington Usa
Aravinda Gunda Director-IT at L Avenir Hues, LLC  USA  27-03-2014 08:54:42
It's an honor to know and work with Mr. Raja Seevan. His commitment and knowledge is impeccable. I really appreciate Indian CSTs contribution not only what we have seen at BBMP but now on the ongoing CSIR 800 program to bring technology to India's rural villages and the GPMS Cloud Computing Solutions developed by this group is our recommendation for Global Project Management-Aravinda Gunda Director-IT at L Avenir Hues, LLC
Gopala Krishna C -INSTA Health Solutions-Hyderabad  Hyderabad  26-03-2014 12:28:48
Dear Mr. Raja Seevan, I was reviewing the services rendered by Indian CST and would like to interact with you on the subject. We are a Telehealth IT solution provider based out of Hyderabad, We wish to support the initiatives of Indian CST and provide our solution to the end users. Pl advise. Regards, Gopala Krishna C INSTA Health Solutions
Gopala Krishna C -INSTA Health Solutions-Hyderabad  Hyderabad  26-03-2014 12:28:48
Dear Mr. Raja Seevan, I was reviewing the services rendered by Indian CST and would like to interact with you on the subject. We are a Telehealth IT solution provider based out of Hyderabad, We wish to support the initiatives of Indian CST and provide our solution to the end users. Pl advise. Regards, Gopala Krishna C INSTA Health Solutions
M.N.Vidyashankar, IAS,.N.Vidyashankar, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka,  Bangalore  26-03-2014 12:18:18
Dear Mr.Raja Seevan, Greetings from the Department of Commerce & Industries. Congratulations on the milestones achieved. Wish you all many more such laurels. With warmest personal regards, Innovatively yours, M.N.Vidyashankar, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Commerce & Industries Department, Government of Karnataka,
Geeta Pamdanabhan- Journalist-The Hindu  Chennai TN  26-03-2014 12:09:32
Dear Mr. Raja Seevan, This is what I need to know. What are the government services that we can avail of online now that we had to go to the government departments, post offices and other places for? Can you give me a list? Thanks and regards, Geeta Pamdanabhan. Journalist-The Hindu
Sanjay Saxena Managing Director TSCPL  New Delhi  26-03-2014 11:54:02
Many congratulations Raja Seevan !! I hope this is the start of a long and distinguished series ! Cheers Sanjay Sanjay Saxena Managing Director TOTAL SYNERGY CONSULTING PRIVATE LIMITED
World Bank Vice President Leonard McCarthy.  Washington USA  26-03-2014 09:29:56
The World Bank appreciates India?s initiative and considers Project VIGEYE & VIGEYE GPMS as a good technological innovation in the fight against corruption. The World Bank officials will explore the possibility of applying VIGEYE & VIGEYE GPMS in other contexts especially the development projects funded by World Bank. Mr. Leonard McCarthy The World Bank Vice President The World Bank?s Anti-Corruption Head
A Sivasankaran   Bangalore  26-03-2014 09:16:41
Dear Sir, The World Bank Releases the Guidance Note for Implementing Agencies to Introduce e-Tools in Management of Construction Projects Congratulations, To the Indian CST team it is indeed a commendable effort. A. Sivasankaran. President-Eshanya Bengalurina Kalyana Sanghala Okkutta (EBKSO)
Lt Col (Retd) L Shri Harsha  Bangalore  26-03-2014 09:11:36
Sir Congrats on the achievement. I am sure this will be a very satisfying moment in life for all at Indian CST after the long struggle of nearly four years. With regards and best wishes Lt Col (Retd) L Shri Harsha, PgMP, PMP Project Management Consultant & Technical Arbitrator
Jayaram BG  Bangalore  26-03-2014 08:59:07
Dear Sri Raja Seevan Thanks for the mail and sharing information about the World Bank recommendation on use of Introduction of e-Tools in Management of Construction Projects This is great and significant credential from World Bank Congratulations to you and your team at Indian CST. Keep moving on with abundant energy you have and the passion Thanks & Warm Regards Jayaram BG President-PMI Bangalore Charpter & Fmr. Head Infosys Project Management Centre of Excellence
PETER JOSEPH  India  07-05-2013 22:56:23
are these complaints, mobile numbers, case details, registered her been sincerely attended, if so by whom. Is there a governing body who takes the responsibility, kindly post their details and mobile nos, to talk or meet in person. Thanks
jayaram  Bangalore  02-08-2012 16:07:52
i also want to join the anti corruption movement.
jay prakash das  madhubani  11-01-2012 19:31:58
my jay prakash das father name Ramkreepal das plz help me endara abash

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