How can GPMS cloud computing solutions assist Governance and empower citizens?
Indian CST's GPMS Cloud computing solutions incorporates world’s best practices on how to get things done, affordable technology adapted to local conditions and amenable to quick deployment are used to process the information, as it gets validated, collated, validation of bills and photos – Proposed "Crowd Sourcing" Process analyzed and transformed to actionable intelligence.   Read More

Instant availability to replicate success from others, ability to correlate information, lower cost of technology infrastructure & foundation technology, capacity aggregation, integration of disparate technology & resources. The GPMS Cloud Computing Solutions is Integrated with project monitoring system, mobile task management system, E-file management system, with Scan and do Data entry system, with financial management system, customized user management, Face book integration, Quarterly Progress Report, Initial Scrutiny Report, Public Page, Dynamic Customizable MIS reports, web analytics, Vigilance Clearance Management, Vigeye Complaint Management System, Resource Value Security, SMS, Mail Server, Document security encryption enabled, with remote eye monitoring, communications management and monitoring, public grievances monitoring with a dynamic single point dashboard representation for analyses with GIS location on map with integrated dashboard with Role based user with Metadata management with Query System. GPMS features will become the main advantage for any organization to use those who want to bring Transparency in their existing systems: Highly Replicable Model, Potential to replicate this model at various sectors with adjustment to language and structure, across other states in India and across other countries across the globe for Data Utilization and Evidence-Based Decision Making. Not only in the Government sectors but private sectors too we know that it makes business and economic sense when you to shift into the GPMS cloud.


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