What We Do
It works towards delivering successful projects in a changing environment
It promotes to bring transparency, efficiency, accountability and metrics in all public funded projects, through technology, empowerment, audit trail and mutual cooperation efficiency transparency and accountability into Publicly funded projects / portfolios using GPMS Cloud
It brings people together and works for their empowerment.
It helps citizens to share their problems, pool talents and find solutions.
It strives to provide relief for the poor, the distressed, the underprivileged
It encourages good governance and transparency and promotes efficiency and accountability.
It works for cost effective solutions in all spheres of life.
It Collaborates with Central/State / local self-Governments/ entities like PSUs, CVC, CSIR, NPC on implementation of appropriate cost effective e-governance solutions.
It helps professional institutions for monitoring developmental works.
It supports International Bodies like UN, World Bank, ADB on building e-tools for tracking funded projects in real time.
Ever since its establishment in November, 2009, Indian CST, a Public Charitable Trust, has been working to facilitate Central and State Government/and other Public bodies in areas of e-governance. The Trust has been developing and deploying e-tools for monitoring utilization of public funds in mega public projects, and other myriad Government programs as part of its mission objective.

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