As you are aware Indian CST has been in existence since Nov 2009, with the objective of supporting government in improving public governance by employment of e governance tools. Appreciating the necessity of transparency, accountability and timely intervention to improve the quality of public governance, and considering the scale of operations, e governance has been identified as the only reliable mechanism for enhancing effectiveness.
Indian CST Projects implemented Achievements 2014
1. VIGEYE GPMS for CVC to Monitor Central Government Departments Projects
2. Project VIGEYE for CVC to Combat Corruption Using Technology as an enabler
3. VIGEYE PIP for CVC to Monitor Central Government Departments Projects
      A Joint Research and Development Project
4. GPMS Solution for Municipality
5. GPMS-FMS for Municipality to monitor their incoming Receipts, outgoing Payments and for doing Bank Reconciliation online in real time
6. GPMS for Birth and Death Monitoring System for Municipality
7. GPMS-CRM for Municipality Monitor their Citizens Feedback and Contractors Communications online related to the on-going projects implementation or status reporting
8. GPMS for Project Task Monitoring on Mobile Phone with geo-stamped information
9. GPMS for CSIR 800 Project Management and Monitoring of 800 million beneficiaries monitoring 1800 Schemes of the Govt. of India.
10. GPMS for MSME / NPC
11. GPMS for NHAI Monitoring Highway Road Infrastructure Projects
12. GPMS for Environmental Health Safety
GPMS for University Examination & Student Answer Script Monitoring Bangalore University MOU dated 13-May-2010
GPMS for Low Cost Housing IAY Projects Monitoring Pilot Project Supported by The World Bank
GPMS for State Government Departments to Monitor their Projects / Programs
GPMS for Union Territory Departments to Monitor to their Projects
GPMS for Rural Districts Departments to Monitor their Project/Programs
GPMS Healthcare Information Therapy Cloud computing solutions initiative for the common man to store and accesses their medical records online a trendsetter for the world to follow

GPMS Health Care Information therapy is the prescription of the digital medical information stored on the cloud intended to help patients understand their health and their health care issues, it’s for making decisions based on Patient access to their electronic health care record (EHR) medical information on the GPMS healthcare information Therapy Cloud Computing Solution which provides both doctors' groups and hospitals to assess patients' risk of contracting a whole host of diseases and conditions and patients, will have instant access to medical advice, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through a ground-breaking video conferencing service, telemedicine. They can come up with individualized regimens by tapping into electronic medical records to identify the types of patients who are most likely to respond to a particular type of therapy. They can pinpoint treatments that sustain health in a more precise way than ever before. And they can identify individuals who are likely to stop benefiting from a specific regimen at a given time. For the volume-to-value paradigm shift in health care, predictive analytics, though rarely visible, is the essential enabler and also to access, share their medical records between patients and health professionals to get 2nd opinion, 3rd opinions guidance etc. online with doctors or specialists from anywhere across the globe which in turn will increase process efficiency enhancing the patients' ability to manage their health care and see the positive effects.

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