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I. Scientific and technical description of the technological innovation.

Indian CST drives Transparency, Accountability & Efficiency through its technology offering known as GPMS stands for Global Project Management Systems. It meant to empower Indian citizens with information about various public initiatives/projects & make them participate in the system. Product is developed based on crowd sourcing & cloud infrastructure model to take care of affordability of public sector Indian enterprises. It’s offered based on pay-per-usage mode. It’s also offered at free of cost when it’s of strategic national importance & in alignment with our vision. Our platform integrates various tools & techniques for data collection, analyses & decision making. It’s enabled with multi-model capturing of data of various forms & pervasive availability.

GPMS gives the capability and flexibility to store cradle-to-grave records per citizen that spans the life of that Indian citizen seamlessly to an integrated database and makes them available for secured accesses from anywhere anytime, for any authorized personal only. GPMS is capable of interacting with any other database format/s from any of the existing or legacy applications or ERP systems of organizations system and import data in a seamless manner which allows organizations to upgrade themselves into this secured GPMS cloud computing environment with a fraction of the cost.

II. Extra ordinary features of the technological innovation.

Our technology platform/product is built to keep delivering values to beneficiaries (empowerment through availability of information & participation), enabling human minds with choices, benchmarks, supporting facts to elevate their thinking & opportunity to make a difference instead of taking step by step instructions. GPMS platform has the capability to facilitate conversion of unstructured data to structured data, maintaining their integrity, survey tools, benchmarking from similar initiatives/projects.

III. Quantifiable and tangible benefits resulting from the technological innovation (give metrics for quantification).

GPMS was used in the Bangalore University for scanning 3 lakhs student semester papers in all amounting to 24 lakhs answer scripts. On payment of nominal fees any student can see online his or her answer scripts. In the olden days photo copies would have taken months and a very large amount was being paid by the student community benefiting no one . A huge amount of man days have also been saved to the university. The financial benefit to the society is immense.

Bangalore being the fifth largest city in India has a budget of Rs 14,000 crores. The BBMP was not aware of the quantum of works awarded and its progress and settlement of bills. It approached Indian CST to implement the GPMS. On Implementation and the being data being uploaded into the GPMS all the staff at all levels are able to access the data monitor the works, track the project status, quantify the cost over runs and settle final bills. Ghost bills, unauthorized cost over runs, unapproved works, etc. surface automatically. The magnitude of financial benefits can be imagined.

World Bank is seriously examining using of GPMS for their aid users in South Asia re and South Asia Pacific regions.

IV. Features of competitive technological innovations whether in practice or not.

Taking care of needs of beneficiaries & visionary sponsor rather than implementers

Enabling human minds with choices, benchmarks, supporting facts, elevate thinking & opportunity to make a difference instead of taking step by step instructions

Ability to start with basic workflow & adopting to other benefits offered by the system gradually with time

V. Characteristics of technological innovation that make it stand out from its competitors (compare the features).

Realizing the narrow focus of rest of industry offering solutions in this space, we're in the process of defining project management capabilities into core & periphery and we see our competition getting lost in implementation details with periphery offerings. We're standing out in core capabilities based on top-10 issues faced in project management areas of larger scale, higher-impact projects. Affordability, Initial cost & running cost for specified number of users is comparatively very low as it's based on cloud infrastructure & crowd sourcing model using open source software.

VI. Impact of the technological innovation including the method of determination on:

BBMP: BBMP has at present 92,000 projects. These have been uploaded in GPMS resulting in the same being available for public visibility, tracking of the projects resulting in streamlining of settlement of payments to contractors and suppliers by the accounting department.

Bangalore University : GPMS induction reformed Bangalore University by taking care of all deviations in evaluation process & making it available for students to view their answer sheets online

Central Vigilance Commission: Indian CST GPMS enabled CVC India to implement “Project Vigeye GPMS”. Through this the citizens are enabled to bring to the notice of the CVC any corrupt or unethical practices that have come to their notice. GPMS have enabled ordinary citizens to become guardians of utilization of public money by government and its various bodies. It helps projects to get the feedback from beneficiaries & making the right feedback available to concern.

We're making progress with World Bank in proposing them the standards of benchmarks in project management area

Crowdsourcing model helps us scale & generate employment not only in India but across the globe too.

VII. Significant scientific & technical challenges that were overcome in the development and transfer of the technological innovation.

Instant availability to replicate success from others, ability to correlate information, lower cost of technology infrastructure & foundation technology, capacity aggregation, integration of disparate technology & resources.

VIII. Technological and financial risks taken or investments made to develop the technological innovation from the concept to commercialization.

Just started with vision of empowering people, developed a solution, set the vision for the product & driving

IX. Alliances and partnerships that facilitated the technological innovation and their contributions.

Indian CST Social Transformation Initiatives are supported by powerful passionate Network of Social Entrepreneurs, Network of Volunteers, Network of Students, Network of citizens, Network of NGOs, Network of Professionals & Experts from Various domains, Network of International supporters and clients, Network of Information Analysis Experts, Network of Process Improvement Experts, Network of Retired Civil Servants, Commissioners, IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS Officers, Scientists, Technologists, Doctors etc. .

X. Commercial status including estimated present market share and future potential of the technological innovation and the basis how this was determined.

Since GPMS is a technological invention at the nascent stage the two large users the Bangalore University and BBMP can only be considered as Pilot projects at 24 lakhs answer scripts the Bangalore university and the student community have saved crores this year it can be imagined the market potential for this in the Indian Educational field throughout India one side the financial saving and the other side the instant verification of the answer scripts of the student community.

Similarly all Government and Public bodies can utilize Indian GPMS for their use. It can be safely estimated that all the public spending by these bodies in India should be in accesses of Rs. 2, 00,000 crores.

XI. Details of Intellectual Property Rights secured and applied for (indicate patent numbers & enclose abstracts).

Our software, platform ecosystem is evolved on based on open-source/ FSF (Free Software Foundation) model

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