Indian Centre for Social Transformation (ICST), a Trust, is a forum for citizensí collective actions to implement sub clause (j) of Article 51A which reads as under: Art. 51A: to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement. The goal of ICST is to promote through this one stop portal, a number of projects that will deliver cost effective computing, best practices, knowledge management systems and critical applications at affordable costs to masses across India. Indian CST truly believes in 'IT for Social Change'.

  The Indian Centre for Social Transformation (CST) is a one-stop galore of opportunities for us Indians and a step forward to realizing Dr. A.P.J Kalam's Vision 2020. This unique portal is to realize a dream of transforming the lives of all Indians and connecting its citizens by the year 2020. The power lies in your hands to make this dream a reality.

  The Indian CST portal contains hyperlinks that are capable of transporting the user to interlink applications technologies that can transform the lives of a million Indians. India being a country of diverse culture, language and other individual traits each one of us posses to set us apart, these technologies can help us bring transformation in many sectors that need attention like Health, Education, Police, Judicial, Social enterpresency, Transport, Agriculture, Construction. The aim of the portal is to unite all Indians into ONE INDIA and this is the first step towards networking all Indians into working together to make India ONE great nation.

  Did you ask what about those who are not Indians? Are they not welcome to this portal? Trust that "Vasudaiva Kutubhakam" which means "the whole universe is one family" is an ancient Indian Philosophy. The world today is shrinking and passions rising for learning, new technology, blogging, webcasts and online networking. Certainly, the world has shrunk and web-users have a plethora of options to feast on. Gone is the era of push-learning, welcome the new age pull learning that transcends all modes of gathering information. Anyone - Anywhere can connect to anyone - anywhere in India via this Indian Portal we will extend a one stop on our click opportunity to connect to any one in India or any where in India. As more and more people join the portal and become united in this portal, all it needs is to visit the portal and seek and search for the person you want to connect to in this portal, please go through all the links and which ever link you follow, is our dream to help you to reach if your chosen person in as few clicks as possible. This unique portal will help you to find that one Indian you want to connect to you can link up to that persons mail through link follow him, message, chat, video talk with him / her, invite the person to join to a social group or net work and keep coming to form a social activist group to transform India for a dream India or an India you dream of. You can help reform that sector.

  All decisions in this portal will be taken democratically, transparently and each one will be responsible and accountable for his / her actions.This portal, its applications and people behind it, believe in the following principles "Satyameva Jayate", Truth, Transparency, Open Source, Knowledge is free, Accountability, Collaboration and Network Transformation through Trusted Transparent Technologies.

  Some of the Applications and Services are for all Indians to use:

  As part of our growth strategy and social responsibility, we wish to promote a number of projects that will deliver cost effective computing and critical applications to masses across India. In this connection we are in drafting a joint 'Indian Centre for Social Transformation' with key like-minded organizations both public and private. We believe these initiatives could be started in a phased manner and expanded very rapidly based on business economics and trained manpower for deployment. In order for the 'Indian Center for Social Transformation' to reach every nook and corner of India, we believe a high quality data center would be critical and today from our ITI Data Center at Bangalore we provide accesibility for all Indians across India to use these applications software as a service model. These are some of ip address you can access to use the software's online that are now running out of the Data Center: on which you can start accessing and using these software's online. Benefits of SAAS, The user doesn't own the software application, but is renting it for use, The fee covers the cost of the application, the hardware and infrastructure maintenance 'Multi-tenant' architecture, which means many organizations share the platform at the data center.

  Transformation begins with a vision. But a vision can only be achieved with strong leadership. We must have people like you willing to drive the transformation process-to be leaders who can blaze a trail and inspire others to follow. We welcome your response to the invitation to transform the system.

  Since this is just the beginning, your suggestions to make this portal a potent one are most welcome. Please leave your comments or state the action to be taken, so that the tag or keyword appears under the particular Blog.

  All of you are invited to join this endeavor

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