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The GPMS TRANSPORTAL is an ICT initiative for Citizen Engagement in Governance at all levels with Information for All
15-10-2017 09:43:52
The core strength of the Make in India's GPMS Transportal www.indiancst.com is the online availability of real-time data that gets correlated constantly to provide reliable information and actionable intelligence.
30-09-2017 12:28:57
Indian CST is recruiting 25000 people from across the 650 districts across India
30-09-2017 12:34:12
top 10 property tax defaulters in each of the ward for all the 8 zones and 198 wards In Bengaluru
13-06-2016 08:34:37
Indian CST Current Status & Achievements
13-06-2016 08:23:42
GPMS TRANSPORTAL WITH DATA ANALYTICS demo user log in link available
13-06-2016 08:17:13
Indian CST welcomes you to try the new version of its TRANSPORTAL
28-02-2016 11:36:47
Indian CST signs MOU for 5 years with Republic of Gabon Ministry - (ANINF) to implement Digital Gabon initiative
07-12-2015 07:46:01
The unique advantage of GPMS-FMS for any municipality to use it as a collaborative digital platform for participative governance
02-08-2015 06:07:31
BBMP goes for public audit of civic body's works in Bengaluru
19-06-2015 12:57:21
Empowering Citizens...Empowering Nation
24-04-2015 12:32:49
Key benefits of Indian CST?s GPMS Healthcare Information Therapy Cloud for the healthcare industry stakeholders
07-04-2015 08:48:40
Indian CST's GPMS now cusomized for Digital India
07-04-2015 08:42:41
Advantages of Project Nirmala GPMS Healthcare Information Therapy Cloud Computing Solution for Providing Affordable Healthcare
07-04-2015 08:38:24
Indian CST launches 20 more GPMS Android Mobile Applications for Citizens to participate in Governance by monitoring their projects of interest from any of their locations
07-04-2015 08:34:44
You can download the GPMS Make My India Better Mobile application if you as Citizen want to participate in Governance
19-01-2015 07:04:31
Panel to be formed to suggest ways to increase BBMP revenue
20-12-2014 12:43:07
One Lakh Vigeye Volunteers required to monitor projects across India...Can you spare some of your time?
27-10-2014 08:18:08
The World Bank officials expressed a desire to explore the possibility of applying VIGEYE / GPMS in other contexts especially the development projects funded by World Bank.
27-10-2014 07:25:16
Project Vigeye empowers the citizen...Come let us TEAM up as ONE WORLD
26-10-2014 07:27:52
Harvard Law and International Development Society (LIDS) presented a paper at the ICHA conference in Washington, DC Includes Project VIGEYE India Initiative
07-09-2014 11:02:03
Indian CSTs Integrated GPMS Cloud Computing Solutions Available
10-08-2014 01:30:49
10-08-2014 12:54:37
The time has come to remind every one about their Fundamental Duties as enshrined in Article 51A of the Indian Constitution. Come let us do it together.
10-08-2014 12:48:15
An Indian Case Study
19-05-2014 08:33:02
22-04-2014 08:16:02
GPMS Cloud Computing Solutions Software as a Service (SaaS)
22-04-2014 08:07:09
Bangalore University students can check answer scripts online
28-03-2014 09:15:32
CSR Partnership Opportunities for Corporates-Adopt an Initiative at Indian CST
26-03-2014 08:50:39
Change driven at BBMP after Indian CST GPMS Cloud Computing Solutions Implementation
02-05-2014 11:29:41
The World Bank Releases the Guidance Note for Implementing Agencies to Introduce e-Tools in Management of Construction Projects
09-03-2014 10:48:24
Affordable GPMS Healthcare Information Therapy enabled with Mobile technology for Preventive Health care across Rural India
09-03-2014 09:15:51
Indian CST GPMS is integrated with various e-Tools
03-03-2014 08:46:02
Bringing Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability into Publicly Funded Projects/Portfolios using GPMS Cloud for Empowering Project Management for Knowledge Management
03-03-2014 08:35:27
Municipality Case Study: Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Implementation Challenges
03-03-2014 08:26:56
Indian CST GPMS Cloud Computing Solution Available for Low Cost Housing Monitoring (Indira Awaas Yojana)
02-03-2014 10:23:51
Indian CST GPMS Advantages
02-03-2014 10:17:16
Integrated University Management & Examination Modernisation Solution
02-03-2014 06:36:27
"Project Sanjeevani" For Empowering Students to the Next Level"
02-03-2014 06:02:11
VIGEYE GPMS Training Program- Vigilance Study Circle IV Anniversary-Feb 6th 2012
24-02-2014 01:13:20
Why does India need Bio-banking?
23-02-2014 11:34:22
Coalgate, CWG tax evasion probe keep CVC busy
23-02-2014 10:35:25
The eHealth Center program, a joint effort of CSIR-IGIB, ICMR, Ministry of Heath, ISRO, Indian Center for Social Transformation, Chest Research Foundation, Pune, and others
23-02-2014 05:06:31
CSIR has signed the CSIR 800 MOU with Indian CST 2 years and now being extended for another 2 years
22-02-2014 03:29:27
Indian CST is the collaborative and technology partner for the UK-India GWAS Central
22-02-2014 03:56:06
Indian CST join hands with Digital Literacy Mission (DLM) for spreading education amongst the underprivileged students and providing computer training to DLM tutors and facilitators.
22-02-2014 03:17:41
22-02-2014 03:12:00
CVC India has recently initiated a Project VIGEYE GPMS where projects would be monitored by leveraging of technology
22-02-2014 03:05:51
Indian CSTs flagship Products / Services has been in offering Project Monitoring Services through its various GPMS Cloud Computing Solutions
22-02-2014 03:00:30
Key Personnel who are Contributing and Associated with Indian CST in the Initiatives
22-02-2014 02:48:57
Indian CST Launches GPMS Cloud Computing Solution for MSMEs Use
22-02-2014 01:20:56
Indian CST Launches Project Nirmala GPMS healthcare Information Therapy cloud computing solution
06-04-2014 09:41:29
Indian CST along BIACHRI is launching of Project Nirmala GPMS Healthcare Information Therapy cloud computing solution Initiative cancer cure for the children below Ten Years
01-02-2014 08:36:36
Govt. of India - Finance Ministry Monitoring NPAs of 30 PSU Banks
02-02-2014 01:55:57
01-02-2014 08:54:32
The CSIR-800 Program is looking for professionals seeking a special challenge - changing the lives of citizens...
08-11-2012 12:55:28
Technology Workshop - CSIR C-MMACS, Bangalore (28 to 31st Jan 2012)
08-11-2012 12:50:03
Required Human Resources to Manage The CSIR-800 12 Plan Roll-out
08-11-2012 12:51:51
CSIR - 70th Anniversary on 26th September 2012 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi
08-11-2012 12:48:28
Indian CST - Project Sanjeevani Article in The Hindu Metro Plus - A Cloud that Brings change
22-02-2014 10:36:12

Citizen's Responsibility : Derives inspiration from Article 51A of the Indian Constitution which stipulates that it is the duty of every citizen of India to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement.   

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Indian CST citizen services : Brings transparency into the activities of public funded projects under the Right to information Act. Our GPMS enables public to register complaints, view projects of their interest and update delays or inconvenience caused.

Fundamental Duty : Indian CST wishes to promote through this one stop portal, a number of projects that will deliver cost effective computing, best practices, knowledge management systems and critical applications at affordable costs to masses across India.

Networking : The aim of the Indian CST portal is to unite all the Indian's to one India, and this is first step towards networking making all Indian's to work together and make India great nation

Citizen Login for Medical Records : Indian CST aims to bring the transformation in many sectors that need attention such as Healthcare, Education, Police, Social Interpresency, Transport, Agriculture and Construction etc.

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